CCI Thrive Projekt


How can the digital transformation help the cultural and creative industries to thrive? – With this question as a starting point, CCI Thrive explores cutting-edge digital technologies as a means to increase the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sector.

We will explore how the innovative potential of cross-sectoral productions and collaborations can inspire forward-looking creative paths, pioneer business ventures and boost revenues of cultural productions.

Global actors in the CCI have been exploiting intelligent technologies to design new production and business models and create new revenue sources. The key to their success is their access to data. The small and less commercialised sectors need to join forces to enhance their knowledge of their audience, their preferences and the success of their productions.

To this end, CCI Thrive will experiment with creative business models exploiting these tools to accommodate more than solely commercial considerations and investigate other salient aspects of cultural creation: co-productions, content, audience, green transition, ethical and cultural values.