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For a more competitive culture and creativity sector at a global level, activities are targeted to

  • facilitate knowledge exchange and
  • foster sharing of data and tools,
  • build-up a comprehensive body of knowledge,
  • discover and describe business opportunities where revenues can be generated from,
  • initiate cross-sectoral and international collaboration and
  • provide a model lab environment to show how it is done (including the illustration of suitable business models and good practice).

Exploring the universe of data for doing business in the cultural and creative industries:

Ensuring a common ground from which to start two parallel investigations:

  • the metadata knowledge exchange and in-depth discussion
  • the research and assessment of existing data-driven digital technologies using metadata

Frequent exchanges will lead to aligning these two aspects to inform different business models. We will investigate several scenarios reflecting different aspects forming „snippets” of a larger business model approach. This will culminate in an artistic-creative experimental test lab.

To ensure sustainability, we will initiate dialogues with networks, associations and political institutions presenting the results for them to communicate them through their platforms and include them in their policy and framework development.